FEP03 Self Confidence

Flower Essences to build your self confidence, give you courage to take on new challenges and be seen.

FEP02 Stress, Worry and Overwhelm

In this episode, we discuss flower essences to help you feel more grounded, less stressed and less likely to spin out into worry and overwhelm. Flower Essences discussed during the show: Elm – Healing Herbs White Chestnut – Healing Herbs Red Chestnut […]

FEP01 Life Purpose

In this episode, we discuss flower essence to help uncover, define, and pursue your life purpose.

FEP00 About the Flower Essence Podcast

Welcome to the Flower Essence Podcast with Kathleen Aspenns and Rochana Felde. We are two Flower Essence Practitioners who love to share insights and knowledge about plants and their healing intelligence.