FEP64 Flower Essence Myths and Misconceptions

Kathleen and Rochana address misconceptions about flower essences and how they work. Get answers to these common questions and concerns:
Will they take away my stress?
Are higher doses more powerful?
How long will it take them to “work”?
Why does an essence stop working?
Can they help me endure an intolerable situation?
Why can’t they fix all my problems at once?
Can I take an essence if I’m allergic to the plant?
If I feel resistance to an essence does that mean I should take it?

FEP34 Flower Essence 101 Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy, Dr Bach’s calming essence for stress, emergencies and trauma, is often the first experience with flower essences. In this episode we share everything you need to know about when, why and how to use Rescue Remedy, also known as Five-Flower Formula. You will learn about formulations available for adults, kids and pets, and how to give them. Kathleen and Rochana dive deep into the components of the formula, discussing each individual flower and how it helps with restoring balance after a stressful experience or trauma.

FEP16 Plant Attunement

We are often asked how we know what a flower essence does. In this episode, we share tips to develop a personal relationship with nature intelligence and how to communicate with plants directly. Plant attunement is a skill anyone can learn, and is useful whether you ever plan to make a flower essence or not.

FEP12 Emergency Essences for Crisis

The recent wildfires here in California resulted in a lot of stress, dislocation, and crisis for residents and their pets. Flower Essence formulas can be vital supports for us as we experience evacuations, uncertainty, and the post traumatic stress of environmental disasters.