FEP22 Spirit Medicine with Sarah Holmes

29 Apr 2020

Clinical Herbalist Sarah Holmes joins Kathleen and Rochana to talk about incorporating flower essences into herbal practice. We go deep into conversation about the interconnectedness of mind/body/spirit.

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FEP21 Exploring Anger

15 Apr 2020

In this episode, we discuss the tricky topic of anger. Like all emotions, anger has a message and needs to be heard. In the season of Spring, this issue is particularly prominent, and we view it through the lenses of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine.

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FEP20 Holding Space and Shining Light with Rachel Singleton

01 Apr 2020

Rachel Singleton joins us on the podcast to discuss how to meet these challenging times with the help of flower essences. She shares her insights on soothing the heart and opening the crown chakra to find balance and calm.

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FEP19 Pandemic Stress

18 Mar 2020

Flower Essence Practitioners Kathleen and Rochana talk about the stress of the pandemic and how to use flower essences and a variety of wellness tools to steady your nervous system, calm anxiety and worry, and get grounded in your body. Managing your stress will help your immune system work better, and help you feel better as we all work our way through this time of great challenge.

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FEP18 The Spring Season

11 Mar 2020

Most of us enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of spring, but there are challenges as well. In this episode, we discuss the season from the perspectives of various world traditions, how to detox and support your liver in spring, what to do about grouchiness and irritability, and how to maintain focus and momentum to accomplish your goals.

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FEP17 Tending The Heart

19 Feb 2020

Emotions such as grief and heartbreak can lodge in our hearts. Join us for a discussion of flower and gem essences to heal your heart.

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FEP16 Plant Attunement

29 Jan 2020

We are often asked how we know what a flower essence does. In this episode, we share tips to develop a personal relationship with nature intelligence and how to communicate with plants directly. Plant attunement is a skill anyone can learn, and is useful whether you ever plan to make a flower essence or not.

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FEP15 Ruth Toledo Altschuler and the Inner Marriage

15 Jan 2020

Ruth shares her insights and wisdom from decades of practice of flower essence therapy and education. Her focus is on the Soul Journey and helps her clients harmonize their inner feminine and masculine qualities, known as the Inner Marriage.

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FEP14 The Winter Season

01 Jan 2020

Each season has challenges, and in Winter our spirits can struggle with lack of sunlight, SAD, low moods exacerbated by the inability to get out as much, and the overall post holiday hangover. Join us as we discuss flower essences to help support your mood, find clarity, and enhance the positive aspects of the season, to pause, rest and reset.

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FEP13 Holiday Travel & Social Anxiety [Holiday Coping Strategies]

18 Dec 2019

Learn coping strategies for holiday travel and family gatherings. Flower essences can help sensitives with the stress of travel and navigating airports and planes. You can also support your inner sense of groundedness and stability, and strengthen your boundaries as you interact with your family members.

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FEP12 Emergency Essences for Crisis

04 Dec 2019

The recent wildfires here in California resulted in a lot of stress, dislocation, and crisis for residents and their pets. Flower Essence formulas can be vital supports for us as we experience evacuations, uncertainty, and the post traumatic stress of environmental disasters.

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FEP11 Family and the Holidays

20 Nov 2019

Not everyone has warm and easy holiday gatherings ahead. Lots of us have challenging family relationships, stressful travel, and uncomfortable gatherings ahead. We’d like to help smooth your way with Flower Essences so you can be your best self even if you are having all your buttons pushed.

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