FEP30 Embracing Sensitivity with Rochana Felde

20 Nov 2020

In this episode we turn the spotlight on Rochana and her work with the Highly Sensitive Person. Her personal journey as an HSP working in the corporate world informs her practice as she helps highly sensitive souls turn their sensory challenges into superpowers and thrive in an insensitive world.

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FEP29 Cultivating Resilience

21 Oct 2020

Resilience is a quality we are all being challenged to cultivate in this time. In our discussion, we talk about flower essences we rely on for ourselves and our clients, to build our inner resources and find connection and meaning in our lives.

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FEP28 Heidi Smith and the Bloom Book

23 Sep 2020

Heidi Smith joins us on the podcast to discuss her new book The Bloom Book and the practice of Flower Essence Therapy. Our wide ranging conversation touched on her passion for social justice, reclaiming feminine consciousness, and her collaborative approach to healing trauma.

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FEP27 Disaster Fatigue

10 Sep 2020

We are all experiencing compounding stresses this year, from the Coronavirus and all the related financial, job, and school stresses. In California, we are having severe fires causing evacuations and uncertainty, along with smoky air. Taken all together, we are reflecting on the strong need for Flower Essence support to help us stay resilient, hopeful, and kind to our selves and others.

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FEP 26 Late Summer Energetics

19 Aug 2020

Kathleen and Rochana discuss the “fifth season” of Late Summer from both the Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic perspective. As we switch from the expansiveness of summer to the drawing in energy of fall, stress and worry can be exacerbated as the heat of the season starts to penetrate the field of the energy body. Flower Essences can support you in this time of inner and outer change.

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FEP25 Our Favorite Books

08 Jul 2020

Tune in for a lighthearted discussion of Kathleen and Rochana’s favorite flower essence books. We talk about books that have been influential in our development as flower essence practitioners and makers, and share our recommendations for those who wish to learn more about flower essences.

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FEP24 Topical Alchemy with Deborah Craydon

16 Jun 2020

Our friend Deborah Craydon joins us on the podcast to share her insights on flower essences used topically on acupuncture points and skin zones.

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FEP23 Collective Loss with Ruth Toledo Altschuler

13 May 2020

We are delighted to have Ruth join us again to talk about flower essences for this moment, to help us navigate dark times and difficult changes in our lives. We have essences to help us find hope, adapt to new ways of being in the world, and to build trust among ourselves and with the Earth.

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FEP22 Spirit Medicine with Sarah Holmes

29 Apr 2020

Clinical Herbalist Sarah Holmes joins Kathleen and Rochana to talk about incorporating flower essences into herbal practice. We go deep into conversation about the interconnectedness of mind/body/spirit.

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FEP21 Exploring Anger

15 Apr 2020

In this episode, we discuss the tricky topic of anger. Like all emotions, anger has a message and needs to be heard. In the season of Spring, this issue is particularly prominent, and we view it through the lenses of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine.

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FEP20 Holding Space and Shining Light with Rachel Singleton

01 Apr 2020

Rachel Singleton joins us on the podcast to discuss how to meet these challenging times with the help of flower essences. She shares her insights on soothing the heart and opening the crown chakra to find balance and calm.

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FEP19 Pandemic Stress

18 Mar 2020

Flower Essence Practitioners Kathleen and Rochana talk about the stress of the pandemic and how to use flower essences and a variety of wellness tools to steady your nervous system, calm anxiety and worry, and get grounded in your body. Managing your stress will help your immune system work better, and help you feel better as we all work our way through this time of great challenge.

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