FEP13 Holiday Travel & Social Anxiety [Holiday Coping Strategies]

18 Dec 2019

Learn coping strategies for holiday travel and family gatherings. Flower essences can help sensitives with the stress of travel and navigating airports and planes. You can also support your inner sense of groundedness and stability, and strengthen your boundaries as you interact with your family members.

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FEP12 Emergency Essences for Crisis

04 Dec 2019

The recent wildfires here in California resulted in a lot of stress, dislocation, and crisis for residents and their pets. Flower Essence formulas can be vital supports for us as we experience evacuations, uncertainty, and the post traumatic stress of environmental disasters.

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FEP11 Family and the Holidays

20 Nov 2019

Not everyone has warm and easy holiday gatherings ahead. Lots of us have challenging family relationships, stressful travel, and uncomfortable gatherings ahead. We’d like to help smooth your way with Flower Essences so you can be your best self even if you are having all your buttons pushed.

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FEP10 Pets

06 Nov 2019

Animals love flower essences! Learn how to use flower essences to help your pet with issues like barking, separation anxiety, and general household stress.

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FEP09 Focus

23 Oct 2019

Show Notes: We are all immersed in an overstimulating world with constant and distracting inputs. Flower Essences can help you calm, focus and ease your overworked mind and nervous system so you can think clearly and act from your center. Flower Essences […]

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FEP08 The Fall Season

09 Oct 2019

The season of Fall brings challenges and blessings, and in this episode we talk about flower essences we have found helpful for this time of change, loss, and going inward.

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FEP07 Grief and Loss

25 Sep 2019

Grief is a natural process, not a disorder or illness to be treated. It’s an emotional, physical and spiritual response to change. Flower Essence Therapy seeks to meet the person where they are on their journey and match them with flower essences to support their unique situation.

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FEP06 Grounding

12 Sep 2019

In this episode, we discuss Flower Essences to help you become more grounded and to clear yourself of energetic debris. Once you are grounded and clear, you can reweave your etheric field with essences, and develop healthy boundaries.

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flower essence for change

FEP05 Change

28 Aug 2019

In this episode, we discuss flower essences to help us adapt to change. Whether we are trying to change an old habit, or establish a new one there are flower essences to help. We also talk about weathering changes that happen to us, and how to stay grounded and well in our bodies and spirits.

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FEP04 Flower Essence 101

14 Aug 2019

In this episode, we help you get started with flower essences, what they are, how to select and use them, how to use Five Flower Formula for emotional first aid, and more.

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FEP03 Self Confidence

31 Jul 2019

Flower Essences to build your self confidence, give you courage to take on new challenges and be seen.

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FEP02 Stress, Worry and Overwhelm

28 Jul 2019

In this episode, we discuss flower essences to help you feel more grounded, less stressed and less likely to spin out into worry and overwhelm. Flower Essences discussed during the show: Elm – Healing Herbs White Chestnut – Healing Herbs Red Chestnut […]

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