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Our friend Deborah Craydon joins us on the podcast! Deborah is a flower essence practitioner, teacher, producer (Flora Corona Vibrational Elixirs) and co-author of Floral Acupuncture – Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites.

Deborah shares her insights on using flower essences topically with acupoints and skin zones, talks about unique ways to use vibrational elixirs in the home and environment, and explores the metaphysics of geometry, colors, the ethers, and more – oh my!

Flower Essences discussed during the show:


Deborah Craydon’s FloraCorona flower, gem and light elixirs, and training courses

The book Floral Acupuncture by Deborah Craydon and Warren Bellows

JR Worsley’s Five Element Acupuncture

Dietmar Kramer’s books New Bach Flower Therapies and New Bach Flower Body Maps

Show Transcript

Rochana Felde:
[00:00:10] Hi, everybody, welcome to the Flower Essence Podcast. Today, Kathleen and I are here with Deborah Craydon, and we’re going to talk about the topical application of vibrational essences and their environmental use. She’s a certified flower essence practitioner through the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, California, in flower essence practice for 19 years. In 2005, she developed the application of the Bach Flower Essences to their specific acupoints in conjunction with Warren Bellows, a licensed acupuncturist. Their book, Floral Acupuncture, Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites, is available on Amazon. Deborah is the producer of Flora Corona, a Vibrational Elixir Company that makes Hawaiian flower essences, gem elixirs, and her original colored light essences. Along with their internal use, her elixirs are applied to meridian source points, skin zones and other topical treatments. She has been teaching international students online how to use this new system for about the past 14 years. And she’ll be teaching an 11 week training starting this September, and her next year long vibrational training starts in January 2021. And you can learn more about her on the FloraCorona.com website. Welcome, Deborah.

Deborah Craydon: [00:02:12] Thanks, Ro.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:02:14] We’re so glad to have you here with us today.

Rochana Felde: [00:02:18] So, Deborah, I’m really excited to have you here to talk about topical application. It’s something..we talk about it as a method of application, but we don’t really go into detail. And it’s just not something that there is a lot of information or training about in the flower essence world. So we know that the idea is there, and that is something that you can do, but haven’t really talked in depth about it. And I know you’ve been working with this for a long time and have your topical application class, which I was privileged to be a part of last year. Maybe you could start off by just telling us how you got into topical application.

Deborah Craydon: [00:03:11] Well, after I did my flower essence training and I practiced for all those years reading the flower essence descriptions, and diagnosing people. I was living in Boulder, Colorado, and I started to realize when listening to my clients, that there were issues that were unconscious, that they weren’t ready to deal with yet. So I formulated a lotion and I started putting flower essences into the lotion that I felt that my clients were going to be needing in the future to speed up the process. So I gave them an internal bottle, as you usually do. And I also then started giving them the lotion. And that’s where it started, because my clients were just radically changed when I included the full body topical lotion to them. And I just really had no idea why this was so amazing. So I had to find out why. And the next thing that happened is that we had lived in Honolulu before that, where I’d been practicing. And I bought a book called New Bach Flower Body Maps by Dietmar Kramer. And it’s a book that has little rectangular sections all over the skin, the little skin zones. And each one has a number on it that relates to a Bach flower essence. And I thought the book was pretty weird. And I put it away. Once I started using the lotions for my clients and I saw this progress that I really could not comprehend. I got that book out and I started using it for somebody who had sciatica. I would look for the skin zone and find out that it was Scleranthus for on the right hip or whatever. And I also started making very specific lotions for these skin zones using Dietmar’s maps. And I did that for quite a while, but I wasn’t finding that my clients were… Even though they would get well or you could put the back back into place by compressing the proper Dietmar Kramer map skin zone on the back, you could do all kinds of things with it. I was feeling like they weren’t taking it seriously enough. And so I started thinking about how I could design a system so that when clients used it, they would take it really seriously. Not that Dietmar’s maps aren’t serious. They’re incredibly successful. I was not an acupuncturist. I didn’t know anything about acupuncture. And I moved back to California. And I met Warren Bellows, who’s a licensed acupuncturist and a real genius. And I asked him, would he work with me. And could we see if there were correlations between specific acupuncture points and specific flower essences? So we did that and we found that we both had a way of working. That was, we weren’t muscle testing or using the pendulum. We both had the ability to feel what a flower felt like and feel directly what an acupuncture point felt like. So we have the ability just innately to make matches, energetic matches. And we developed the book for acupuncture. And also I developed my own system after that using my Flora Corona remedies. And I developed a way to apply them to meridian source points. But I’ve also developed skin zone applications and all different kinds of ways to use them topically.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:07:06] And do you find that the qualities of the essences, as known for internal use, correspond to the shifts and changes you’ve seen when you apply them topically?

Deborah Craydon: [00:07:19] Absolutely. The internal use.. When you make a bottle and you put two drops of each essence that you’re choosing to give to your client and you give them to them for about 30 days. And that’s a moon cycle. So the internal use is really successful for a sequential month after month after month, deep psychological changes. And so this is more soul based or internal based, whereas topically they do the same thing, but they’re coming from the periphery. So they’re putting light from the periphery like the sun shines on you onto the skin, which is our largest organ. And what they do is they work right away. And you can feel them right away. And so it’s what’s so important about the topical application is that the internal use being so based in psychological, I’m going through the moon cycles and changing metamorphically internally, really getting at all these deep, deep things. The external use is a way to wake up the body, the body itself by putting things on the skin. And the body itself is the unconscious mind. So when you’re taking them internally, you’re experiencing uprisings and healing processes sometimes of what’s down there. And usually, from my experience, I go through the meridians that I have found that the flower essences that address the deep unconscious are stored in the Small Intestine. And I know that because I’ve tested all the worldwide essences and the ones that bring up.. like Black-Eyed Susan, are activated by the Small Intestine. But what we’re wanting to do is to wake up the body. And because in the body we have all these stored experiences. The body knows everything, absolutely everything. And so it stores memory in places. So if you have a sore shoulder, it can be from something that happened when you were three or.. Whatever, all of these things. So what you’re doing by applying topically, is you are connecting the body mind and helping it to become conscious and connect to the soul or your thoughts and feelings. And when you get those two in sync, which is what you want to do, then you are able to get the super conscious or the spirit self to work in conjunction with your body and soul. So the topical application is the way you bring. You allow the body itself that has all these memories and thoughts and feelings and not just from now either. And it is able to start to work, it gives the body a voice, a very strong voice that is starting to work in conjunction and wake up the unconscious body mind to communicate with the inner life of your thoughts and feelings or your soul. Then you can access that triple flame of the spirit itself, but you need a body and a soul to work in conjunction with one another. And that’s why it’s so important.

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Deborah Craydon: [00:10:53] But yes, they have the same action. Like, if you have Red Chestnut anxiety for loved ones and you take it internally, it will take longer because it’s going through the metabolic system. But if you want to really get quick action, the direct acupuncture point for Red Chestnut is Middle Duct, right between the diaphragm and the navel. And that is the direct point. This is a science. A lot of people think when they hear about putting flower essence on an acupoint. “Well, I can do that.” Well, it doesn’t really work that way because when you put Red Chestnut on Middle Duct, because Middle Duct, that acupoint, which is like a well, it’s like a river. And it connects when it has the correct frequency, a Red Chestnut from outer floral nature and it matches with that direct point. It literally will go through all of the 12 meridian flows, and it will actually go up and it will go around amygdala, and take up the old pattern, open up the cranial plates, take up the old and seed the new in it. So yeah, but it has the same action, which is that very rapidly you overcome your anxiety for your child or your loved one. But what it does when you apply it to Middle Duct…Red Chestnut ties all of your ten major meridians back in. Bring your projected self that’s out here, that’s so concerned about your loved ones. Brings it all back and ties it into really your central channel because you’re putting it on this channel that’s called the Governing Vessel, which helps you to be aligned. So they do the same thing. Just one is quicker.

Rochana Felde: [00:12:49] And when you talk about Middle Duct is that referring to Five Element acupuncture?

Deborah Craydon: [00:12:58] Yeah. We use the system that was developed in the U.K. by JR Worsley. And what he did, when Warren studied his system, is that he took the Traditional Chinese Medicine system that was kind of changed during the time of the Chinese switch in politics. So a lot of the soul and spirit aspects of the points were changed. Taken out and TCM is more the system, that I understand any way, that you can heal physical conditions. That’s where this new system came from. He really is really able to put in these soul and spirit aspects of the points.

Rochana Felde: [00:13:53] Well, what I really appreciate about your book, Floral Acupuncture, that you co-wrote with Warren Bellows is the way that it’s laid out is actually by the Bach Essence. And then it tells you what acupuncture point. So Red Chestnut, you were talking about the flower essence and then it talks about the acupuncture point that it belongs with. And there’s a nice diagram about where that is as well.

Deborah Craydon: [00:14:27] Well, that’s how it was done, I told Warren, because I had been practicing with the Bach flower essences for years. So I knew them really well. And I gave Warren the really clear description of what the flower did. And then he knew what the Meridian system did. So we went through the Meridian system using the Meridian source points, which are located on the hands and the wrists and ankles to find out which was their main meridian that this flower would go on. And we did. We did find that there was a correlation. That was a surprise. Well, I would have thought it would have been two or three meridians, but we found there was this major chord with each flower for a specific meridian. And then we would go through that meridian, putting that flower on all those points until we found the right one. And that was a miserable job, because if you put it on the wrong point, you really feel discombobulated and it doesn’t feel good until you find the right point. And then it’s amazing.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:15:33] And so there was a layer of experimental process internally for you to find this. I’m almost getting this image of a key that fits exactly the right lock so that channel flows in a certain way. But when you precisely put the vibrational imprint of the essence on to that particular point, it just opens up the whole flow and opens up the release of the patterns.

Deborah Craydon: [00:16:00] It’s really a lock and a key. And it’s a very specific science. It’s an art as well. But it’s really important to know.. If you’re applying them to meridians, the source points, which are self-regulating points. For instance, you can put passion flower essence on the heart source point on the wrist. And that’s perfectly hygienic because Passionflower activates the heart meridian, you don’t have to be specific, but when you’re going through the meridian system, trying to find the exact resonance for that flower and point, it is exactly a lock and key. And as soon as you find it…it’s amazing that there’s in outer floral nature a component in the meridian system that matches and opens the lock, and what it does is that it travels through all 12 or 14 main meridian flows because you’ve unlocked through the resonance the coherent resonance of the outer and the inner. It’s really fascinating. And so there’s lots of different ways you can take it. You can use topical applications as well. My favorite is.. I developed this when we were living in Hawaii, where I was doing a lot of the research for my Hawaiian flower essences. You can take a bowl of water and put some warm water in it and put a clean washcloth in it. But a few drops of an essence into the water or the gem elixir, wring it out really well and put it on full body. And that is the most potent way of using them topically. Because what the body does as it receives a message from.. Say you’re putting Emerald gem elixir two drops into this bowl, after your bath and then you’re putting it on your full body. The whole body receives this message of the emerald just like that, and it is so awakening. And suddenly your energy is revived. Your life forces revive. It really feeds your whole life body and the life body is… You can also call it the light body but it is a torus. And it goes through the center of the body and it comes out the fingers and the toes and then it goes around and around. So once you put something like, you know, a particular essence on like that, it touches the fingers and the toes touches the front. You open the bottom points, which are the front of the back midlines which get you going. That’s your microcosmic orbit, since you put that on, it’s like, wow. And you’re ready for your day. So that’s a really, really quick way to wake things up. And you know, to do that, you can use a lotion to put it full body or massage oil, full body or mist. You can put it in a misting bottle. But my favorite is to do it with actual water if it’s really hot as well. I was doing this in Hawaii. So this is what I did. I put aloe vera gel in the bowl with the essences because I was roasting hot. We were overlooking Kealekua Bay. So we put the aloe vera on the body and then it would dry, but it would be just like an instant. This is your largest organ. So this is the fastest way to become renewed. So also you can.. I found over the years is skin zones. There’s Dietmar Kramer’s skin zones for his Bach flower body maps of 38 original Bach flowers. So those little rectangular.. And you can use those really seriously for all kinds of therapeutic uses. You can really work with sciatica, when your back goes out or your shoulder goes out. You can compress or put lotions on what these specific skin zones and really have a way of releasing the auric field here, which is filled with color. And when you have negative emotions, say, you’re in shock, for instance, there’s a little section on the front here that is for Star  of Bethlehem for shock. You can put it there in his skin zone. You’ll have really good luck. But there’s other skin zones as well.

Deborah Craydon: [00:20:45] So, for instance, emerald again. I was just looking at that today, watching the flows of the color of green to see what it actually does in the body. And so you can put Emerald just a few drops on you and rub it into your heart because it activates the heart. Or you can do purple Magnolia, for instance, it activates the Palace Awareness, two points right in the palms of the hands. And you put it there, just one drop and it will come right up through the arms and it will come right up and open up the heart through the heart protector. And that’s another thing. A medical doctor in my training, a number of years ago, Doctor Arlene Diamco developed. She was pregnant. And so she developed this new way of doing it, we call it the auric infusion. So instead of taking them internally, because she was pregnant, and these were the ones that I make, the Flora Corona, she would put one drop in this hand and one drop in this one. Then you just hold your hands up and close your eyes, and you will feel this incredible whirling right around your whole field and all your subtle bodies will be infused with this vibration. So that was a really exciting thing that she discovered. But there’s other things, too, like Ilima, a little Hawaiian flower. It’s orange. And orange flowers activate the lower Dan Tien. And so you can place Alima in a little bit of aloe vera, or a little bit of water, or just drops, and place it on your lower metabolic or your upper stomach and your chest, your three burning spaces. So and also with the various colors of flowers and gems, they will activate your astral body through your chakra system so you can topically put the red flowers on your perineum, put the orange flowers and gems on your sacral area. You can put the yellow flowers and gems on your solar plexus on your heart. Where as the green blue, for the eyes, the throat, indigo is up here and violet. And recently I’ve been discovering as well that I’m starting to make maps of the zodiacal system of Aries. This is the physical system of how we’re made through the constellations. So now I’m starting to connect the red root chakra, which is the astral layer, and also applying the red to here to the Aries, because it actually opens up the cranial plates here. And so I’m starting to realize that if you can combine where these actions are topically, not only for this Zodiac according to colors, but also to the astral chakra system, you will get this incredible swirling or counter rotating? Between the two bodies, that brings them together. So that’s it.

Rochana Felde: [00:24:09] That’s really interesting. I’m just imagining putting Aquamarine Elixir on my Pisces feet. Right. Pisces is ruled by the feet. Right. So is that where you were going with that. Aries is ruled by the head? 

Deborah Craydon: [00:24:26] Yes, you could put it on your feet. Yeah. And the thing is that you could also.. This is for the future, but you could figure out the connection between your chart, for instance, and where your sun is or where you’re, you know, Pisces in connection. I’m not an astrologer, so I can’t tell. But it really has a lot of fruit for the future. The topical application in terms of individual charts.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:24:57] And there must be.. There’s so many lenses through which we can translate what the essences are bringing to these different aspects and fields. And that you’ve been so engaged in translating it into the classical Chinese way of seeing the body mind because it’s together. And then also these other traditions, like the astrological tradition and and, you know, Ro, you’re experienced in the Ayurvedic tradition. So there must be other correlates that we can be researching this. There’s so much work that we can all do to help to bring these holistic systems together and use them in concert.

Deborah Craydon: [00:25:43] What’s really interesting to see what’s coming up. And this is more of the environmental use of them. The first thing I did environmentally, we moved into a property in Graton, near Sebastopol, California. And we just needed to clear it. You know, there was an old shed there and we had to clear the whole thing. So there’s a way that you can clear a property rhythmically using flowers. What I did was a first week, seven day cycle. I put a red and orange in the rainbow spectrum, all flowers into a big garden sprayer. And then I would go around the whole footprint. It was a very big old place, and lock it. And then I would do it the second day. And the second week I did gemstones, rainbow, gemstones. And I make these colors in water. So I did the rainbow elixirs the third week and I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing. My husband came home and asked are you doing? I mean, it was just amazing. And we were drawing in hundreds of birds the whole time. We’d lived there  animals just flocked to our area because it was just so clean. So that’s one thing. But the other thing is that a number of years ago, I started giving my students the flower of life pattern, it is a geometric pattern. It’s got 19 circles in it. It’s got a circle on the outside of it. And it’s from Egypt. It’s from all over the world. And it is the pattern through which everything is created in the world. It’s the creation pattern. I gave that pattern to my students one month and told them to put the pattern into the room and put the bottles on and see what happened. So they were choosing specific bottles that they felt like they needed. And so they put them on this white pattern. And after a week or so, somebody said, I’m trying to taper  off the bottles. I couldn’t take them off. I got you know, I got dizzy, so I had to put them back on. She said I never took them internally and this happened for everyone. And so after 30 days or so, this treatment was done. These students never took it internally. So that’s happening. More and more with people in my trainings is that we’re using the flower of life patterns with the bottles on them because it projects the energy into the room. It’s quite extraordinary. And one of my current people who’s in my training, Wolfgang Riedel, who is a real master acupuncturist and Lomi Lomi, I mean, whatever, but he has been using a specific.. a person, came with a certain trauma. He chose the bagua (the feng shui bagua) in the room where that needed healing. And he put a cup and he put the drops of water in the cup and put it in that bagua. He demonstrated this to her and the client went home and put the flower essence in the bagua, first in the living room, then in the kitchen, then in all the other rooms and everything transformed for her. So that another thing that’s happening now is this. And what I did as well many years ago, we leave our, you know, our home and I would be nervous because we would be going to Hawaii to make essences. I would put drops of platinum and emerald, in these little bowls that I have in the corners of each room and the garage, everything. And when we came home the first time after we did that, we opened the door. We’re just getting blasted by this purity of what was happening. So I’ve done that ever since. And I also really recommend for people who may be listening, that one of the most amazing things about the environmental use is infusion by evaporation. So this is what I found by putting a bowl or small glassful of water and putting your essences in there into your room and specific ones that you feel like you need for something. Slowly over the week, it will evaporate.

Deborah Craydon: [00:30:24] And it’s way stronger than using a, you know, essential oil diffuser, because electrical.. This is like evaporating into the room. And then you can replace the water, but you keep doing that. And I didn’t know how strong it was because of the first time I did it. When we went away for a couple weeks and came back, it was like somebody had come in and I don’t know. You know, like just cleared and cleaned this whole space. So that’s a really that’s a really good thing to really use. And plants in nature love it and they need it.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:31:06] And I’m reminded as you’re talking about this concept of evaporation and how it infuses the environment – in the process of making wine or other spirits. They call the amount that evaporates the angel’s share. So it’s kind of an interesting correlation, that it’s an offering to the spirit level. So you’re feeding your spirit level in your house. And it’s also feeding your house as well. An interesting idea.

Deborah Craydon: [00:31:39] It’s a higher frequency. About the evaporative part. And it also for the wine, the angel’s share, it is also going to infuse the physical bottles themselves. That’s really interesting.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:32:00] And this process of working with essences in the environment is, is this other area of flower essence work, that’s not very well known. And it’s exciting to hear your work with it coming from your background. I’d love to hear more about your initiation with these sacred geometry symbols and how you learned about that, or how it kind of came into your consciousness?

Deborah Craydon: [00:32:31] Well, I think that kind of happens from meditating a lot and asking questions and concentrating. I think the flowers themselves are geometric and pure out in nature. So that’s the most important things to be with the flowers and observe how they grow with the element to what season it’s growing in, what Zodiacal sign is speaking to the flower, working with the ones that speak to you that you know you already. Which is potent, enticing the whole process. So for me, the geometric part just started appearing inwardly. First I saw the vescica piscis as the two circles. Then I would see the diamond that I would started studying. Also the platonic solids, which each platonic solid represents an element. And then I sort of started making them out to make big ones and call them platonics. But the geometric part of it, especially with the flower of life pattern, because in 2001, I quit my flower essence practice. I started putting all my clients into something I called colored light clinic. And so we went through all these colors together. We did red for one month and then I gave them a red flower. They chose a red gem and a red colored light elixir that I make. And somehow out of that, we’d look at the red light in the room and then we turn off the lamp and we’d see an after image, which is turquoise from red. But we started seeing all of these images, these geometric images as well, that are in our field. I mean, clairvoyants see all kinds of geometric figures. And I also started seeing out of the corner of my eye forms. This happened for a while. It doesn’t happen now. But I would see when there was a beautiful platform that I had seen when it was most beautiful geometry, and then I would have a bad thought for one day and it’d be all misshapen. So just over time, it was like, oh, our thoughts are geometric. Flowers are geometric. What happens when you put the geometries as you place a bowl of water on top? What happens to the water? Well, it takes on that frequency. And then I started putting the geometric solids, the platonic solids, of the tetrahedron the icosahedron the dodecahedron into water and solarizing it. And I found out that these were waters that had recurring the frequency of each of these elements. So it just came slowly. That’s a great question. Wow.

Rochana Felde: [00:35:33] And how would you use those geometric patterns therapeutically?

Deborah Craydon: [00:35:42] Well, you know, I’ve only recently started studying the chakra system, I just studied color for a long, long time, and now I’m using looking at the chakra system. And so the base one is the cube or the earth elements. So are these waters that I make. You can apply them topically, take them internally to activate the earth element, the sacral area. Is the water. So that’s the icosahedron. So you can place either your crystal on that area or you can take the water element to activate that. Here’s the thing. Every morning, the sun comes up and out of the sun coming these colors. And this is a question that I have for many, many years. Like, what are the ether’s. I want to see them. And so I did, now I’ve seen them. The sun comes up and these ether’s stream out of the sun and the water ether is a cyan blue.It looks like a lava lamp gel, the fire ether is magenta, it goes into the fire of the earth. The yellow ether is bright yellow because it. The earth or is lilac, and you may have seen it walking, you’ll see a flash of lilac. That’s the earth gel. These are real and they’re in colors. And the platonic solids also relate to these ethers in the nighttime, the sun goes down. And this life force. And these are elements in living color that come into our body and feed through the meridian system, through the light body, to the fingers and the toes – air, earth, fire, water. And our ether. And then as the sun sets they stream out and go away. So the whole system for me is just evolving, you know, of of real experiences, of understanding what color, what the third life forces, what it really is, how they relate it to the elements, how the elements or these living life force lights that are coming in and feeding our body are going to specific places, specific meridians. So it’s hard to say what comes first, but it’s all real. You know.

Rochana Felde: [00:38:19] Yeah, I love the way you see the world around us, and I resonate with what you’re saying about the light that’s coming through and I think when we make flower essences and the flowers and the water bowl and the, you know, the not just the electromagnetic energy from the sun, but all of these layers that you’re talking about, it’s really fascinating to think about living life ethers.

Deborah Craydon: [00:38:54] And that’s why the flowers with Dr. Bach were made at that time between the lily and the rose, the rise of the sun, because that’s when the dew was precipitated down. And so this is the alchemy of these as the sun was rising and the elements were streaming out are streaming out at the horizon line. It’s very specific time. So just they’re made them. And so these flowers are being infused at that time of waking and sleeping with the actual chi. And that’s where that’s where the essence comes from, is that alchemical process of infusing that water or that dewdrop with those forces that are streaming at dawn into the water and infusing it with life?

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:39:54] Though the aspect of life that these are living intelligences, they hold pattern. All of these concepts. I think it really enriches our understanding of what essences are, where we can start to layer in these other viewpoints of seeing how essences can be understood and used and played with. It’s a lovely experiment we’re all doing with the essences, and I love to hear about how you’re co creating this work with your students as well. Everybody does this together, right? Is that how you run your program?

Deborah Craydon: [00:40:34] Yeah. Because not otherwise. You know, we need to find out for ourselves. When I started my training 14 years ago, I just gave my Hawaiian flower essences, starting with Red, next month, Alima for a month. Next month was Evening Primrose, Frozen Haleakala, and we went through the twelve colors of the twelve flowers. And that’s where I got my research from, what happened to them. And then in the next year we did the gems. Then we did the colored light clinics as well. In 2001, we just did the colors and then I gave them a color of a flower color, a gem color. That’s where I found out what was going on. So what you want to do when you done research is. What’s really helpful? Say you’re happy you’re working with purple. Purple colored light elixir. Is you just hold it. And you want to become and that’s why it’s so important when you put something of a flower on Middle Duct, Red Chestnut, that is that you will learn. This is what the body is waking up to. You will start maybe to feel the flow of the Conception Vessel and start to feel the chi moving through there. And you can do the same thing with your bottles. You can hold your flower essence and you can close your eyes and you want to start feeling the flows. Some flowers come in from the periphery like passionflower. It comes in way from the cosmic periphery. It enters right under Heart 1. And it goes right into the Heart. Amethyst does, too, and it stokes the bottom flame of the Heart. It goes into this visor around your head, which helps you to meditate and to be really calm. So we’re learning by the topical applications to wake up to feel these etheric flows that are coming in from the sun in the morning and actually giving us life? If we didn’t have this, we would just have a physical body and we would have to bury it, you know, burn it. But this is what we’re getting life from, and this is what these essences are. They’re coming in from the horizon line from the I Am from the God’s Eye, opens up at that point and it flows in and we receive chi, life force into the body. And now then we’re using pure substances with a particular frequency to experience. What does this one do? What’s the flow here to know who it is. That’s when I started doing the general exercise out in Hawaii. I got so frustrated because everyone just had different, you know, saying different things. So I started holding my gemstones until I could notice what these fellows were doing. And then I could understand. Oh, this is what this does. Like Ruby in the old days was said to they would put the ruby points around the periphery of their property to protect their property. Well, Ruby activates the Pericardium, the Heart protector – it doesn’t activate the Heart, it activates the Heart protector. When you can hold the ruby you might notice I was astounded at first this big triangle around it of this flaming tetrahedron. And then I realized, oh, this is true. The ancient people knew that this was touching a ruby to the periphery and the property literally was putting this flaming protection around the property. So the more, you know, like this consciousness, the more we’re conscious and really, really paying attention. What does this bottle do? Well, this one goes from the heart up to the head and opens it up. And why or what? What does something else do? And if we can start to feel the flows. And these are etheric life force flows. This is chi. This is what the meridian system is all about. Then we can start to wake up and have a real science of what the flowers do. Beyond reading what it does, it’s not good enough. But we can also learn as well. And everybody does this now is to look at the flower photographs. You want that one and you will. That’s also teaching a body. I need that one. That’s what we need to do. More and more we need to know because the body knows everything the omihipeelee according to the Hawaiians. She’s the oldest part of us. And the more we activate her, where she holds all of our memories and all of her patterns that we’re trying to get rid of. Then this is why this is so important. The topical application, I get chills. I’m just so grateful to the two of you for asking these questions and for asking me to be here. Thank you.

Rochana Felde: [00:46:16] Well, we love talking about this, and it’s just so great to be able to go into this kind of depth with you. And for those who haven’t seen your flower essences, you were talking about looking at pictures of the flower. And while lots of companies have flowers on the bottle, you’ve kind of taken it to a whole different level with that, the really unique shaped bottle you have. It’s clear with a lovely little flower transparent on it.

Deborah Craydon: [00:46:56] So these were, I shouldn’t say this, but I had an inheritance and I spent the whole inheritance on figuring out how to do this because it is so difficult to figure out how to make transparent bottles. My husband’s my copilot. That’s why I think we’re developed this way so that children and adults could look at them and say, oh, it’s just one that I need. Oh, it’s this one. And that’s the training. Because right now we’re at a place where we need to know what’s true and we need to know what’s true for ourselves. We need to be able to discern. So discerning through these vibrational substances is a beginning way to start to discern. Oh, no. What’s being said here is not true or is not true for me. It’s not my rainbow. But Kathleen, you have the Cerato there.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:47:52] Yeah, it’s one of my favorites. I’m so attached to the Cerato plant that incredible quality of blue and that ability.. You know, even from the basic description of what Cerato does, it helps you know who you are. It helps you remember the truth. It’s a starting point, right. And an ending point.

Deborah Craydon: [00:48:19] When Warren and I went through that flower to try and find out where it belonged, we couldn’t put becomes specific point because it was…one of the orginal flowers on the planet is similar to Blue Lotus I make too. But Cerato, the first time I saw it. We had moved back to California. We looked at this house in Graton and it was growing underneath the redwoods. And it was like shining like the light and bright. At that time, there was a flock of bluebirds went over the country route. This is such a special flower. Yeah, and that’s a core flower to start anyone on is because that’s that’s your problem right now. What is the truth? That’s what we’re trying to find out. Trying to find out when people say things that aren’t true, what the heart says no. Cerato that’s just amazing. I also want to say one more thing. When I was writing the first acupuncture book, I called Patricia Kaminsky from the Flower Essence Society – they are my mother or, you know, the Flower Essence Society and how they they teach Goethean science and the observation of plants. And I said, well, what do you think? You know, doing this book and had her read it. And I said, what do you think about what I’m doing? She said, well, the topical application of flower essences, all I can say is the leading edge of this. All this work sounds like a great thing to write or put down. So can you say anything else about it? She said no. So this is in 2005. She’s talking about topical applications being the leading edge of the work.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:50:17] So much food for thought here. I’m so pleased with what you’ve shared with us. My mind is just like, oh. And what about this? And what about this? And I want to try all these things. So for our listeners, how do they find out more about your work through your website? Is that the best way to go in and learn more? The book, obviously, we’ll put a link to that in the show notes other other ways that they should reach out to you.

[00:50:45] Well, floracorona.com. And in there are my courses, the one in September of Floral Acupuncture, it’s an 11 week course and the new twelve month course for Flora Corona, which will be going through colors and gems. The Hawaiian Flowers starts in January 2021. So you can go there. And the book is available on Amazon, and that’s also available in Kindle.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:51:28] Thank you so much for sharing your time with us today and sharing your heart and your work and everything that you bring, it’s really been a delight. It really has.

Deborah Craydon: [00:51:40] Thank you so much, Ro and Kathleen. You guys are doing a real deed. The Flower Essence Podcast is like..It’s like, oh, hey, this is the perfect thing to be doing at this time. I really support you. Thank you.

[00:52:30] This podcast is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. We are not physicians and do not diagnose, prescribe or treat medical conditions. Please consult with your own physician or healthcare practitioner regarding the suggestions and recommendations made by the hosts and guests of the Flower Essence Podcast.

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