FEP59 Feminine Empowerment

We went to the movies! And saw Barbie! This was a rare treat for us, as we live on opposite sides of the county. We laughed so hard, then had a great chat about it during lunch, and we knew right away we wanted to discuss some of the themes in our next podcast.
We address some typical challenges experienced by those of us not at the top of the patriarchy:
constant feelings of not being enough and having to work twice as hard to get less
feeling obligated to do more for others than for ourselves and letting our self care suffer
being too “nice” and putting on a happy mask to appease those with more power
We talk about essences for these states and to boost a general feeling of empowerment.
There’s no spoilers except for a certain kick-ass monologue that we just had to repeat. But if you haven’t seen the movie, go take some self-care time and do it!