When we started the podcast two years ago, we weren’t sure how many people would be interested in hearing us talk about flower essences. And we wondered if we’d have enough topics to keep things interesting 😱.  

Fast forward, two years and about 40 episodes in, we have a growing community of dedicated listeners, and no chance of running out of things to talk about! 

Turns out, we are both plant 🌿  nerds and could talk about them endlessly. But we also have busy client practices that give us a constant feedback loop about how people actually benefit from using flower essences. Given the unique nature of every case, in addition to broader events happening in the collective, new topics are always emerging naturally. And we have more guests that we’d love to introduce, so stay tuned for more to come.

Running this podcast has indeed been a labor of love 💖. Your support as a Patreon member helps us with the ongoing production costs that all podcasts have, but even more importantly, you become part of the project! 

And that is the most thrilling part for us – to find our people. From those who are drawn to flower essences and want to learn more, to those who already love and use flower essences extensively. You “get it”, and we are humbly grateful and thankful for your participation in helping us get the healing messages from the flowers 🌸  out into the world 🌎. .

Thank you! 

Rochana and Kathleen

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