Rochana Felde

Rochana Felde

I have loved the natural world of plants and trees throughout my life. Growing up on the west coast of Northern California, I vividly recall fragrant eucalyptus with button-like seed pods and fairy-tale thickets of blackberries from about age two. At about seven I began noticing the personalities of the plants, trees and areas of the yard without realizing that's what I was doing. I spent time in the world of weeping willow, wise walnut, noble purple plum, protective sweet gum, playful pineapple weed, intimidating horseradish and magical periwinkle. I declared to myself that periwinkle was my favorite flower because it always seemed to call out to me and I knew it was where the faeries lived. But I never spoke of this to anyone and in fact didn’t think too much about it at all until much later in life.

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Fast-forward through my twenties, thirties and most of my forties as I followed a fast-paced high-tech career on the way to burn out and an array of chronic auto-immune health conditions. I studied herbs and alternative therapies during this time, because western allopathic medicine didn't have any answers for me.

When I began making flower essences in 2015, something really clicked. My ability to feel the energy of the plants immediately resurfaced as soon as I sat down and just listened. Since then I've done many training programs and have worked with hundreds of plants in a deep way.

Now, I listen to people and provide a way for the plants to come through and help them, using Flower Essence Therapy to facilitate a co-creative healing partnership. I love making custom formulated essence blends for deep self-healing and inspired self-development.

You can book a session with me at or connect with me on Instagram @ wiseflowerwellness.


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