FEP63 Cultivating Your Power of Discernment

Misinformation, Disinformation, Propaganda, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Fakes, Brainwashing, Phishing, Spam, Scammers, PsyOps, Cults, and sleazy Marketing, oh my!

There’s a war at play for our attention, our thoughts, our beliefs, and of course our money – whether it’s just an advertisement to buy a product or something more complex with higher stakes.
Every email and message we get that has a link – is it trustworthy, should we click on it?
Friend requests – is it really our friend or is it a fake account?
The news reports we watch or read – who’s delivering it and what’s their bias?
That gifting circle invitation from a trusted friend that we really like – is it really an illegal pyramid scheme?

It’s crucial now more than ever to cultivate skills of discernment – to be able to listen to that voice inside that raises a flag on what we see and hear. Yet, the daily practice of this can breed skepticism and distrust that may block the flow of life energy.

How can flower essences help us with this practice in a healthy way, so we can navigate and survive these times?