FEP01 Life Purpose

In this episode, we discuss flower essences to help uncover, define, and pursue your life purpose.

Flower Essences discussed during the show:


Additional ways to connect to the energies of the plants: carry a bit of the dried herb or flower in a personal medicine bag or in a pocket, engage with the flower through images, check out the cards available from a variety of essence producers

Show Transcript

Rochana [00:00:01] Welcome to the flower essence podcast with flower essence practitioners Kathleen Aspenns and Rochana Felde. Join us in the garden of plant wisdom as we deeply explore the vibrational healing modality known as flower essence therapy. 

Rochana [00:00:22] Today on the flower essence podcast Kathleen and I are going to dive into the subject of life purpose. Now, life purpose can mean all sorts of things to all sorts of people, stemming from right vocation to the soul calling that’s on a more spiritual level for an individual. And Kathleen, what are some thoughts that you have on this topic of life purpose that can get quite deep and juicy?

Kathleen [00:00:56] Yeah it is a really big topic, and it’s certainly one I know that I work with a lot of my clients to hone in on. You know, so many of us are struggling with finding life purpose. And there’s a notion as if the life purpose is a static item, and not that it is something that evolves over time. So a lot of people are kind of waiting for “the thing” and what they really need to be doing is going out and working and then they find “the thing” by working on that. Are you finding that too? 

Rochana [00:01:28] Yes. That’s a big one. I think there’s dreaming and laying in bed or on the couch and thinking “what should I be doing with my life?” Which kind of comes from more of a depressed unhappy state of mind, maybe not depressed but definitely not satisfied with with what’s happening in someone’s life. And the thing I see is  in order to get there, You have to be out there doing it. Life purpose is sort of an energy that comes from the sun, from action and finding what is making you happy on all your levels: on your spiritual level, your physical, mental, emotional level all at the same time. And then if you’re lucky it’s also your vocation as well, which may or may not be part of somebody’s reason to get out of bed in the morning. That’s, I think the definition or translation of the Japanese Ikigai. Have you heard of that? I don’t know a lot about it but it it’s one of the Japanese trendy spiritual topics that have become popular in the United States. There are a few books written about it that have become bestsellers. I don’t know enough about it to know if their translations are truly accurate or not.  But it has to do with the reason for getting out of bed in the morning, and then the intersection of your values, your passions, what society needs, your calling, fulfillment, purpose, etc. and there are fun diagrams on Google – Venn style diagrams where these things all intersect – and your Ikigai is in the middle. 

Kathleen [00:03:55] Oh what a cool idea.  That’s really interesting. I think that a lot of times we can do that analysis-paralysis thing where you’re waiting for that one perfect thing, and instead, like you’re talking about that, you are needing that solar energy. It needs you to start taking some action and then you can define it along the way. I like that image of it. For me I think a little bit like the seed isn’t fulfilling its life purpose until it starts to germinate and grow. You could be waiting in the dark forever and never germinate and never do your thing. You need to take the leap and start germinating. 

Rochana [00:04:38] And isn’t that the great thing about all the flowers because they have that. When you look at any of them you can see a flower is fulfilling its own purpose by blossoming, by going through the whole cycle from the seed. And really, the way I see the exercise of finding one’s life purpose as finding out your true self – who you are. It doesn’t come from somewhere else. It’s in you already, what your life purpose is, and it’s just a matter of letting it blossom. 

Kathleen [00:05:25] Letting the pattern express itself as it will in this time and space. In another time and space it might express a little differently. But it’s that notion of, you are growing in your environment and things can change in your environment, but  your blueprint, what you’re destined to be, is an expression of both your internal destiny and your external environment as well. Well it brings to mind what we’re talking about these flowers. You know the little tiny guys out in the field are not going “I need to be a Lotus!” No. They’re doing their own little thing. Which brings to mind the Buttercup. FES makes the most beautiful Buttercup essence and it’s blooming right now. The little tiny yellow flowers that just grow in profusion. They really speak to that issue. You know “I’m not doing enough, I’m not going to be a big enough star, I’m not going to be making a world impact.” It’s like “No. What you’re doing is important. You just need to keep doing it.” 

Rochana [00:06:31] Yeah. I love that and I love that that energy of the Buttercup I’m seeing it all over my yard and around the forest here as well. So the yellow flowers are a big part of this. And there’s a couple that come to mind for me. One is St. John’s Wort which interestingly, we know is used in herbalism allopathically for depression. But it’s such a wonderful flower essence for much more than that as a bringer of light. And a way to kind of harness, just filling your conscious awareness with light and helping to harness that as it is integrated into the physical form. And so again coming from that. What a solar plant. I mean it’s all about the sun, and bringing the work of… I don’t know, you’re putting your consciousness into the sun and just letting yourself come out of the dark, and blossom. I think it can help an individual see what’s within themselves. Without going into an existential crisis, it’s supportive, not shocking in its revelation, is how I would see it. 

Kathleen [00:08:26] It’s that whole Solar premise. I remember harvesting some to create an oil. It’s always blooming right around the summer solstice so it has that quality of that when it’s at its peak. It’s when that solar principle is the strongest. I’ve worked with a Chinese species that I’m calling the Great St. John’s Wort. The flowers or are about an inch and a half around, they’re really big and that quality comes through from species to species. In this particular one it has a lot more to do with letting go of the fear of becoming who you are just recognizing that paper tiger of that fear of being seen or that fear of just showing up as yourself, and just letting that just flow right through you and saying “no matter what happens I’m going to keep doing this”. 

Rochana [00:09:30] Yeah I’ve I think I’ve worked with that species or something similar. Is it used ornamentally in places? 

Kathleen [00:09:40] There are a lot of different types and species, so they kind of all could be given the common name St. John’s Wort. The one that I worked with is not a common one. I know the one that you’re talking about that’s used a lot of times as a landscaping like a ground cover. 

Kathleen [00:09:55]  But I expect they all have different versions of the medicine.

Rochana [00:10:03] They don’t all make the red healing oil but they all have the energetic activity for sure. 

Kathleen [00:10:17] I think that one of the essences that I’d love to talk about a little bit is Wild Oat. Just because Dr Bach’s Wild Oat is just so applicable to this whole topic of purpose. It’s classically thought about as being the one for the one where you can’t choose. You know, when you try all sorts of different things and you never really land on anything. You just keep trying something new, hoping that that new thing will be “the thing”. So I think that Wild Oat is really useful in this in this context, in that we’re talking about in helping you let go of the shiny object syndrome and really start focusing on what really is feeding me instead of just hoping that something else will come along that’s gonna be “the thing”. 

Rochana [00:11:00] Yeah I know we couldn’t have a conversation about life purpose without Wild Oat. It’s sort of the essential or quintessential essence to use, like you say, for finding that and especially anytime you don’t know what essence is right. 

Kathleen [00:11:19] Right. I mean that was Dr. Bach’s prescription. If you didn’t know what to do, or the person didn’t really know what their issue was, you give them Wild Oat and then you find out. So what else do you like to do, what do you like to think about? As far as this whole topic of life purpose, what’s the next piece for you? 

Rochana [00:11:36] Well, on the aspect of really going within, to do some soul searching or self analysis it would be the Lotus. So great for stimulating creative visualization kind of accessing past life data. And in promoting clarity and openness, aiding self discovery. So there’s a lot that Lotus does and it’s a great harmonizer of other essences as well. So it would be perfect to go along with some of the ones we’re talking about and help somebody to see within. To really look and do that soul searching and that internal work when thinking about what their life purpose is. 

Kathleen [00:12:39]  So using it in a formula – sort of at the top of the formula, giving that guiding light influence, that directs the rest of the formula. That’s a really great use of it. And there’s so much wonderful symbolism that goes along with the Lotus.  

Kathleen [00:12:59] I think that that that aspect of of intuitive development regarding life purpose. I think that those things do have a lot to do with one another. And part of what I see in that quality of of connecting to your purpose. I would like to go even below that and find out how you got disconnected from your life purpose. I think a lot of a lot of people grow up in either a family or a culture that doesn’t really recognize their gifts and kind of wants them to fit into somebody’s idea of what they should be doing. I mean somebody who wants to be an artist is instead pushed into becoming an accountant or something along those lines where it’s just not a good fit and you lose your energy of life where you where you can become really depressed because you’re doing something for your livelihood that doesn’t fit with who you are. So connecting and reconnecting to that part of you that that that speaks why you came here I think is really vital in Chinese medicine. This concept is related to the spirit of the Liver. The Hun is one of one of the spirits in the body which are collectively termed the Shen. The Hun is really helpful for helping you to connect to that life force. You know that, like you said, that reason to get out of bed in the morning. Like “why am I here?” And it doesn’t have to be some grandiose thing. It can be because I love to be of service, or whatever your job might be, you can connect it to that service impulse. So the one of the essences that I use a lot for this is the Kobushi Magnolia. All the magnolias speak to that sort of ensoulment or connection to your inner spirit. But this one really has that quality of kind of clearing off those imprints of what your family thought you should be or what your culture thought you should be. Women carry a lot of impressions from culture of what you can and cannot do. And I think that that that this particular Magnolia is really helpful in helping you reconnect to that like that originating impulse of “I came to do this. Let’s go!”. 

Rochana [00:15:12] I love that and I love all the magnolias, as I think I’ve said before to you. I am attracted to them so much. And along those lines, you know, even to think differently. Sometimes it takes courage before even taking that. Well the first step is you know in in your mind it’s before you get out and actually do anything you have to sort of make that change in your mind. And it’s a transformational process. So I like the Fireweed Combo by Alaskan Essences. And I just I just love that for dealing with any kind of change- like when “someone moves your cheese”. Have you ever heard of that corporate book? When things change for people, to be OK with it, or to navigate change in a way that is not reactive. Anyway I think of that with the Fireweed Combo. Preparing for change is also one of its qualities. And knowing that you want to transform. That we have a transformation or a transition coming up. I think that it’s useful for preparing for it. And it sort of wards off ahead of time any crisis that can come from the transformational process that you’re about to embark on. 

Kathleen [00:17:05] I mean this is such a good topic because you have a lot of times we want to have a life purpose, or we want to have what we aspire to all these things but we’re not actually very comfortable with the process of actual change. So we can be going with both the brakes and the gas going at all times. I love the idea of using Fireweed and particularly that Fireweed Combo from the Alaskan Essences to  help you say “yep, we’re gonna have to dig some stuff out or make some shifts in order to get ready for this new thing”. Fireweeds in general I use so much because there’s these there’s this whole energy of repatterning that comes about with the Fireweeds. Jane Bell talked about the visual of flying, because in Alaska there’s not a lot of roads, and they would have to be flying in a little mail plane for a couple hours and they’d be going over these burn scars from the previous summer and it was just nothing but fireweed you know, as far as the eye could see this incredible magenta carpet growing everywhere. It repatterns the energetics of the land after it’s been burned, so I think that that process of changing is like, this is how everything was, and now we need to establish a new pattern. 

Rochana [00:18:28] Wow what a great story. I hadn’t heard that. That’s amazing.

Kathleen [00:18:35] Well I was just going to throw in the piece for me like the next piece is is that following those little breadcrumb trails that you know it’s like that solar energy getting you out of the house. Get going. But then you have to kind of be aware and and alert to these little breadcrumb trails of of what the next step might be because you don’t get the whole download. It doesn’t come as a PDF. Where you get a hundred and thirty pages of your life plan, instead you get one little breadcrumb at a time. And if you can listen to those breadcrumbs and trust. “Okay. This is the right track”. I think that’s a really useful mindset to take rather than expecting that you’re going to lay on your couch until you receive that PDF. So I like to use the Hound’s Tongue. For this particular purpose because it kind of helps to not override your internal skepticism but it helps you connect to something larger than the intellect that will help guide you along this way. And it’s not about you figuring it all out or understanding it all that would stop you from taking the actions that need to take.

Rochana [00:19:52] That’s nice. I haven’t really used the Hound’s Tongue that much so I love hearing how you use it. Yeah it is a great plant and I have made an essence with it. It does grow wild here where I live so it’s pretty neat to watch grow and I see that it comes up from mounds of dead leaves, it starts to just push itself out of this heap of decay and then its leaves are so big. I mean that’s why they call it Hound’s Tongue. It’s big and floppy and it just kind of like “here I am”. And then it has these beautiful purple little flowers that are just so sweet. And you know, I have not experimented too much with it yet. I love that plant and it makes me very happy to see when it pushes itself up out of those leaves the corner of my property. 

Kathleen [00:21:08]  It’s an interesting one. I think that one of the things that I really like about it and from spending some time kind of really observing. It grows where I am too which we’re not too far apart, but you’re in a much wetter climate. And if you look at it the botanical name Cynoglossum I think refers to cyan, like the blue color we use in printing. So if you look at it really closely you can see that the entire plant has a really blue cast the leaves even have blueness to them and the flowers have that blue which is such a rare color in nature really. It’s not very common in the flowering plant world. To be blue but I see that as being almost this connection to the sky. You know it has that quality of of ethericness, sort of reaching up and above the bounds of leaves and dirt and soil and all that it’s almost like it extends and makes that connection between sky and earth. And so it creates that that environment where you can be in the both. You’re not out of your body you’re not traveling you’re actually here and connected with that part of you. 

Rochana [00:22:29] Yeah I definitely see that energy with it. 

Kathleen [00:22:35] What a cool thing that we’re talking about. This was really fun to talk about this whole life purpose topic. I mean obviously everybody you work with is going to be different and have different issues. I would love to talk about Pomegranate. I mean Pomegranate is such a great women’s essence in general. It’s so helpful for not only when we’re trying to connect to why we’re here but also to balance everything we care about, and everybody we care about. You know it’s like we all have homes, we have families, we have pets maybe, we have lives to balance with this real desire to be of service in the greater way, out in the world. And so Pomegranate is a really helpful essence for women to be able to balance all these things and spend enough time nurturing themselves so that they can nurture everybody else too. 

Rochana [00:23:31] Not feel overwhelmed by the demands of everyone around them. There was another yellow flower that I had in mind in relation to this life purpose topic and it it’s about making things happen and that’s Dandelion. It’s such a resilient plant. I mean, it makes me laugh. You know it’s it’s on the commercials for Roundup. They keep putting it on their lawns and what happens? It keeps coming up. I mean they can’t even kill it with the most toxic chemical.  And it’s like “no I’m still coming up” and then so it has this solar energy, this lion, feline energy. It’s got so much power. Fearless is the is the word that comes to mind. I think in that realm but you were talking about with women, it helps to reclaim personal power and that’s a big part of moving forward with any kind of life purpose. You have to take your power back from wherever you’ve left it, wherever that is with other people, with places, with past experiences. Because you’re going to need that to make any kind of change or transformation in this realm. So the other thing that I find dandelion is great for is focusing will and when you think about after it flowers, and it has the the seed pod, you know puff ball. It’s so funny. You know everybody makes a wish and then blow the puff ball to put their wish out in the world and that you know that’s part of the flower essence energy as well is is making that wish and releasing it into the world. So focusing the will the energy and the personal power to make it happen and to follow your your dream basically. I feel like that essence is just so key with this kind of work and especially for women who need that maybe more so or anyone who needs to to reclaim a little bit more of their own personal power. 

Kathleen [00:26:25]  I’m excited about talking about dandelion because that was one of the ones I was thinking about too. If you think about it we’re kind of looping back to where I was presenting that concept of the Chinese Medicine concept of the Liver. So it includes the Western notion of what the liver does. And if you think about it dandelion is totally a liver remedy. Energetically what it’s doing is is supporting the Liver, and the Liver is there to help you get out and do. The Liver is considered to be the general of the body. And so the general is the one who makes plans who executes, who kicks ass and takes names. Right? And so by connecting to that that dandelion energy to support your Liver you’re supporting that Hun spirit that helps you you know do what you came here to do and really get it done. I was thinking about it and researching dandelion from that from the Chinese medicine angle I thought well yeah it’s totally obvious why that’s kind of part of that Liver concept. 

Rochana [00:27:27] Yeah that’s a great link. You know because that is one of the foremost herbs for supporting the liver on a physical level. 

Kathleen [00:27:37] And it’s so you know it’s such a wonderful plant. I just absolutely adore dandelion too. I love bitter, I love the greens. I really enjoy eating it on a regular basis. 

Rochana [00:27:49] And it’s now is the time for our bodies. You know it’s spring and eating those greens it’s so healthy and good for us and nourishing.

Kathleen [00:27:59] The Liver season is the spring. It’s when the Liver is starting to really kind of push the energy up in the same way that you see the dandelion growing out of a crack in the pavement like “you can’t stop me”. 

Kathleen [00:28:21] I think that one other that maybe I would like to enter into this conversation is Blackberry. Once again one of these plants that cannot be stopped at least in the Pacific Northwest. Have you had many tangles with Blackberry? 

Rochana [00:28:38] Oh yes. Definitely in the in the physical world as well as using it as an essence. It’s another strong one. Great for focusing the will and making things happen.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. But something that’s funny that always comes up for me when I think about Blackberry is like the forest in fairy tales and myth. The forest around you know Sleeping Beauty that grows up overnight with all the thorns, and it takes someone having to kind of hack through and it’s a hero’s journey. There’s a transformation that happens in all of the myths and Blackberry is a part of that. it’s got this energy to help you go through hardships. And to take you through these journeys which end up being journeys of the self. I mean however they are in the fairy tales. It’s always a journey of the self. And so it’s kind of cool that that you’re also thinking about it with this life purpose which is a journey of the self. It is. It is our own hero’s journey. You know we start out at the beginning of the story and we don’t know who we are. And we go through a series of tests or hardships, however you want to look at it and we may be searching for the treasure or whatever it is at the end of the path. But what we find is ourselves. And so I’m off on a tangent. You know that that life purpose journey to me is it’s our own myth, it’s our own fairy tale. And as we go forward in that search we really don’t go out into the world to find the treasure we go inside and find ourselves. 

Kathleen [00:30:55]  I think that’s beautiful. I think that’s something that I’ve you know more than more times than not when I’m when I’m working with a client who we’re talking about this kind of life purpose and how to connect to it. I’m always using the term like “be the hero in your own story”. You know, quit being the one who is the one acted on. It’s like no, let’s let’s take some action, let’s find the way to frame you as not the victim, but as the hero in your own story. And I think Blackberry is one of those core essences to help you connect to that. It just has that stick-to-it-ive-ness. No matter what the adversities are it’s going to keep helping you keep going, no matter what. Keep going. And you know, in that mythology of the hero’s journey, there’s always really tough stuff. You know, if the hero knew what he or she was heading out to do, probably staying on the couch might seem like a great idea. Because it’s never easy, and there’s always peril, and there’s always all the stuff, but you know there’s only one direction it’s “let’s keep going forward”. 

I’m really enjoying this conversation. I feel like we could do this eight times and not talk about all the essences that we love to use in these formulas for life purpose. Is there is there one more that you wanted to throw into this conversation? 

Rochana [00:32:26] Well I could cheat and say all the essences have to do with stars and the cosmos and anything that connects you to where we came from. We came from the stars, so things like Chickweed and Borage and Cosmos and Star of Bethlehem and star of all the other flowers that start with that name. Any that have that energy for connecting to I guess the cosmos or to the stars. One in particular is Cosmos not one I kind of helps it revel I think in your your cosmic DNA and that connects on a more esoteric level to our gifts. The gifts are what we’re looking for when we’re looking for life purpose. What are our gifts that we’re bringing into the world in this incarnation, not just on a physical talent level but sort of what your spirit wants to do, what your spirit loves to do. Obviously this gets into the more spiritual esoteric aspect of life purpose. But I feel that this the essences that have that connection to the stars help bring that consciousness into the body and help feel like what we’re doing here on this planet has value. It kind of brings that value back into it. So maybe for any existential concerns that that addresses that part of it. 

Kathleen [00:34:38] I think Cosmos is a great essence for this topic because, like you’re saying, the way I see it is it’s like grounding Cosmos into earth, grounding into earth those extremely expansive and nonlinear concepts, coming into the body where you can take action on them. So it helps to translate those starry messages into something that you can really use and create something out of in this physical plane. 

Rochana [00:35:12] Very eloquently put. 

Kathleen [00:35:15] Well this has been just absolutely delightful. I just love talking about this topic. It’s one that’s so important for people to know about. 

Rochana [00:35:23] Any other essences that you think about?

Kathleen [00:35:30] Well I’ll tag team on one of the essences that you talked about. I was thinking “We must talk about Borage” because you mentioned it and I think that it also has some of those blue undertones. If you look at the leaves and obviously the flowers are very very blue and so I think that plants like that do have that bridging quality where they help bring spirit into matter. It is one that I use in a lot of formulas. I use it a lot with animals as well, because it really helps. The word that always comes to mind is stoutheartedness. I always think of the hobbits. You know, they’re little and they’re really not that super powerful and impressive guys but, you know, they get it done. And they’re stout hearted and I think Borage kind of brings that. It’s a humble little plant that kind of pops up here and there in your garden. But it just won’t be taken down. You know it’s so enthusiastic and it really helps bring your heart energy up into a place where you can take some action. 

Rochana [00:36:37] Yeah. It’s called Star flower as another name of it, which is why I think I listed it in that starry flower energy list. Interestingly I see overlaps with it and Dandelion as far as the courage part. Soldiers wore it into battle in the old days. It was traditionally worn for courage going into a tricky situation. 

Kathleen [00:37:11] That is interesting. Well I think that they’re working on sort of on two lines along that axis. So I see Dandelion, because the way that it roots down straight and deep, it’s bringing up that earth energy and the Borage is bringing down that spirit energy. So between the two of them you’ve really strengthened your vertical axis, so that you can really engage in the middle axis out in the world. 

Rochana [00:37:37] I love it. What about any gem essences? 

Kathleen [00:37:42] That’s such a good idea. I think anything that’s grounding is helpful. I think the gem essences are just inherently grounding and I think that one of the things that’s possible to think about is that you can get really astral with certain essences, but the gems are helping to bring that action into the body. So I almost always use gems in all my formulas. I know that Sapphire definitely has some qualities to help with this particular topic. What do you use? 

Rochana [00:38:15] Well I like Optical Calcite or Herkimer Diamond or something that has that real clarifying energy for bringing clarity to intellect and emotions and things like that. It helps with emotional intelligence and stimulates insight. So again it’s this path of looking for something and looking within. I think that those two are helpful for bringing forward soul’s purpose. 

Kathleen [00:38:52] Awesome. That sounds like a really great option, and you use a lot of gem essences in your practice I’m sure. 

Rochana [00:38:58] Yes. It it varies you know as the need dictates but I do. I don’t always use the essence, sometimes I charge the formula with stones I put down around the formula I’ve created, and letting it I guess you could say marinate overnight.  That way I can keep the flower essences… I don’t know… not pure, that’s not the right word, but it’s just a nice way to use the stones as a booster. I like to think of gems as booster shots to the flower essence formulas. They really can amplify the certain energies that you want to bring out. 

Kathleen [00:39:55] Interesting and I think that that’s something that you know, when I’m consulting with somebody if we’re talking about a certain gem that’s really appropriate, you know a lot of times it’ll be one that they’re already really drawn to. If we’re talking about something like Emerald for the heart, or something on those lines it’s usually something like “oh yes I love that stone” and if it’s possible it’s great to be able to carry a little pocket stone with you of whatever kind of gem ally you’re working with in a formula. It really helps to ground it into your reality and into your field. 

Rochana [00:40:29] I do try to also with my clients, have one of my essences in the formula be something that they could bring with them, or put in their pocket as part of the plant is concerned. If Oak is in the formula, go find an acorn and put it in your pocket. Try to connect with the spirit of that plant at as you go forward. Taking the essence over the next month and have that be your ally that further connects you to it. 

Kathleen [00:41:08] I think also photographs are a great way to connect in with the plant spirit energy. I have on my desktop pictures of irises where they have that quality of bringing in spiritual light and inspiration and creativity and all that. But when you’re working with the plant in your formula it can be helpful to have one of the cards. A lot of the different companies have card decks of the essences, or even just a photograph that you can have anywhere around the house where you see it, where you’re constantly checking in with that plant and remembering it, keeping it into your mind. 

Rochana [00:41:46] I love doing that and I try to definitely promote that. I think it’s just more than taking drops out of a bottle, you know, like a medicine. If somebody has a headache, and they pop an aspirin, then they don’t think about it anymore. That’s not where I want flower essences. I don’t want people to use flower essences that way. I know you don’t either. It’s not part of what we’re trying to do. It’s wanting people to hopefully connect to that energy and have conscious intention so that there’s that complete symbiotic evolution of what that person is dealing with. 

Kathleen [00:42:35] I’m really excited about that idea and let’s have our next conversation be on that topic. Because intentionality, and setting intentions, is such a big part of my practice, and I would love to talk to you about it and find out how you use it. I think that would be a really interesting topic. So on that note, it’s been really great talking to you about life purpose and have a great day. And it’s been just a delight talking about plants with you. 

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