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In this episode, we discuss Flower Essences to help you become more grounded and to clear yourself of energetic debris. Once you are grounded and clear, you can reweave your etheric field with essences, and develop healthy boundaries.

Flower Essences discussed during the show:


Anytime you can, try stepping outside and connecting to the earth. Putting the soles of your feet on the ground is great, but connect any way that works for you and where you are. Simply bringing attention to the Bubbling Spring point behind the ball of your foot can help you connect down into the earth.

Slowing down and taking some time to rest under the canopy of a tree can be a grounding experience. If you can’t be with a tree in person, find an image of a tree and imagine yourself in its presence.

Show Transcript

Rochana Felde [00:00:44] Hey everyone, welcome to the Flower Essence Podcast. This is Rochana Felde, and I’m here with Kathleen Aspenns. And today we want to talk about grounding and boundaries. These two subjects go well together. Some people may not know what grounding and boundaries mean the way we describe it from an energetic perspective. Kathleen, what can you say about the definition of grounding? 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:01:11] Yeah I think that it’ll be a fun conversation for us both to have. Because I certainly have my opinions and and the way that I perceive it. And I’m really interested to hear yours as well, because I think that there’s probably a lot of overlap, but there might also be some different perspectives on it. I think grounding is something that is really crucial and also something that is really lacking in modern life. We tend to live artificial sorts of lives and not be in touch with the literal ground. You know, we don’t actually touch the ground much, but we also tend not to be connected to seasons and the different shifts that go on. We tend to be of the opinion that we’ve separated ourselves from natural cycles. You know, whether it’s cycles of planets and of the moon, to cycles of the seasons, to just literally what the temperatures are outside because we’re in insulated and temperature controlled environments most of the time. So I think there are some literal elements of grounding that contribute to our lack of grounding. And then I think boundaries are a whole additional piece that I think will be fun to talk with you. So shall we stick with the grounding topic first? 

Rochana Felde [00:02:36] Yeah. I think that’s a good place to start. I like what you say about it. It is a word that’s thrown around a lot especially in the New Age community so I like to just get grounded in what grounding means, to get everybody on the same page. You know from an energetic perspective, I think it’s what we do to bring erratic and errant energy that’s in and around our body. Bringing it down and connecting it with the earth so that we’re we’re once again connected. There are lots of ways of doing this, not just with flower essences. Flower essences are part of the tool box, but there’s also an intentional aspect that I think is critical. And like you said, when we’re in offices and not in nature, we’re losing the natural ability to ground. Where maybe we didn’t have to think about it when we were outside all the time or walking around in bare feet with our feet on the earth. And now that we don’t do that, we may not realize that we’re getting more and more disconnected, and what earth energy does is bring it in so we’re not as scattered. Our energy is more focused so that we’re coming into our body more, and and being in our body more, rather than just in our heads. And it’s an important first step in doing any kind of energetic work. Let’s say you want to work on chakras, or another energy practice, or work with the boundaries which we’ll talk about. But the grounding is is the key part so that we can rein in all the energy that might be swirling around us in chaos. 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:04:39] I agree. There’s that piece of not being in the body, focusing in your consciousness and becoming oriented upward. You know I think that’s part of the education process where little kids are popped into little desks and chairs, and don’t get a lot of physical activity and are encouraged to be in a mental state, into a thinking state, very early on. And so they tend to start resonating with the brain more than with the rest of themselves and things don’t get very integrated. I think that’s probably one of the first places where this lack of grounding starts to happen, because we’re we rewarded for spending all the time up in the head and not really in the body. And I think there’s a piece of disconnect that begins right  there. And I think that’s a worthwhile thing to start bringing back. Awareness and a consciousness that’s connected to the body. I think that there’s a real strong piece here when you’re so upwardly focused, you don’t tend to feel very secure. And I think that an awful lot of people feel anxious all the time and a lot of that’s just because they’re not very grounded and by working with grounding processes you can help to relieve a lot of that anxiety and you start to feel a little more aware of your environment and of where your body is in space and your connection to the ground. And it feels a lot more secure. 

Rochana Felde [00:06:18] That’s something that I have to work on a lot all the time personally because I am one that tends to go out of my body, or not be connected in my body, or be a lot in my head. And so that’s just the way that I am, I know that I need to always make extra effort to remember to ground myself. And there’s all sorts of techniques for doing that that go along with the flower essence use. You know some of it is just as simple as feeling your feet on the ground, like wow I’m just rubbing my feet into the ground as we’re talking. So I stay grounded, and there’s lots of guided meditations for imagining grounding cords that come from your first chakra, and go into the center of the earth, and breathing in that energy of the earth. There’s just being in nature, there’s things like eating root vegetables, and adding more minerals to your diet, working with stones and crystals. So there’s a whole array of tools for all of us, but particularly those of us that need extra help in the grounding department. 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:07:39] So many of us do. It’s extremely common and one of the recommendations I’ll offer with clients is to work with… as you said, paying attention to the soles of your feet. From the Chinese Medicine perspective we look at Kidney 1. So the name of it is Bubbling Spring and it’s the first point on the Kidney channel. It is on the base of the foot, right behind the ball of the foot. And so one of the things that you’re doing when you’re doing Chi Gong, or Tai Chi is you’re paying attention to that point and you’re making that contact with the ground as you’re working and it starts to help connect you to that source point of that grounded energy. So you’re using Kidney 1 as self acupressure, or just paying attention to it as you’re moving or standing or meditating or breathing – whatever you try, all of those possibilities will help to accentuate that point. I also love to do a tree meditation – whether it’s physically in the presence of a tree, or whether I’m meditating and sort of becoming a tree, and I’ll feel my roots growing down to the ground. And I find that to be a really wonderful grounding meditation. And then I envision my arms being branches and then my leaves can suck up moisture and sunlight, and it’s a really lovely meditation to ponder that tree energy and bring it into your life. 

Rochana Felde [00:09:22] I love just walking outside for a few minutes whenever I can, and slipping off my shoes, and putting my feet on grass or dirt or whatever and I’ll do that coming out of a store or a doctor’s office – even on those little islands where you park in the parking lots if I need to reset before I get on the road again and I want to be in my body and grounded before I get in the car. And people may have heard that “earthing” is a thing now. And so not just putting your feet on the earth, but there’s devices like earthing blankets or sheets that you plug into a wall outlet. Now I haven’t tried this. 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:10:13] I’ve certainly heard of it but I don’t tend to be technologically oriented for those sorts of things. But if that’s appealing to you, then you go for it. 

Rochana Felde [00:10:24] But just maybe you step out the door and put my feet on the ground – I never regret it when I do. So what are some flower essences that you like to help people get grounded in their bodies?

Kathleen Aspenns [00:10:41] Well my first thoughts are always towards trees because they are kind of the ultimate in grounding energies. So thinking about working with tree energy.. you know Redwood of course has such a wonderful earth connection and I know that’s one that you’re connected to as well, and use in your practice. But Redwood just has that ability to ground and to spread that energetic out. It really connects you to your backbone, to your spine. And you know part of being grounded is not just that you’ve become this sort of heavy lump but it’s that you’ve got that that elevation, that polarity, where you have the strength to rise up, and you can bring your energies all the way in integrity with the whole part of you. Is that how you see it? 

Rochana Felde [00:11:36] I see Redwood as such a grounding tree essence. And it’s interesting because you know, I’ve had people ask me.. I’ve talked about how the roots are shallow, but they spread out for hundreds of feet, if not more, and connect with other redwoods. But I’ve had people ask me why is that a good grounding tree if the roots don’t go deep. And the thing is it’s actually more stable with the way that it spreads its roots out. And I think that the energy of it connects to the tether, to Earth, Gaia, the energetics of the earth almost more than any other tree I’ve worked with. So it doesn’t have to have that deep root system to be a good grounding tree. And I feel like it somehow channels the earth energy up from the core of the earth to bring it to us. 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:12:38] It’s so funny – it’s such a human thing to think that the more grounding tree would be the one with the deeper roots. And you know if you were to go outside and actually see a redwood, and see a whole grove of these wonderful old growth redwoods you would recognize that it does just fine. The strategy for rooting and grounding is pretty successful. It can support an awful lot of growth and height and breadth. So I’m going to trust the Redwood has a really good strategy on this rather than that it needs to drill down X number of thousand feet into the ground. But I think also there’s that piece of connectedness too that is essential to grounding. It’s not that you’re grounding, and you’re alone, you’re grounded in connection with your community. Redwoods are always in community. So I think that there’s a piece there, that grounding piece, that it’s not about you. As if you could become this pillar, this unmovable pillar. No, you’re connecting to the root of your being, which is being here on Gaia and connected to your community around you. 

Rochana Felde [00:14:00] The root system doesn’t just connect with the other other root systems in their community. It it funnels food to them, it feeds them, and it feeds the weak link in the group. It’s a huge support for community and being connected and grounded in community level. 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:14:21] And there’s a whole other topic. You know, for another conversation. Because I’m really interested in the studies that are being done now on trees and ecosystems and how they take care of each other. And that whole notion of the weak link it’s like well, what if we don’t know everything that there is to know? And maybe that plant that we see as a weak link, maybe there is something there about the fostering of relationships within community. And so sometimes we are the weak link in our community and we need more support than others. And maybe that’s a really good bonding element within our community. So what are some trees that you think of for grounding? Or other plants. 

Rochana Felde [00:15:09] Well there’s a lot of trees… you know, any tree is helpful for grounding in my opinion. And then there’s trees that also have a nice protective element. And I think we’ll get into more of this around boundaries. Some of the trees like the western red cedar, and the sweet gum tree, even the giant sequoia. But let’s hold off on those for the boundary discussion. 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:15:40] Yeah I’m almost feeling like this should be Part 1 and Part 2 because there’s an awful lot of a lot of ground here to talk about.I like the concept of bringing in maybe some of the gems right now, because I think the grounding piece you know… I think gems are naturally grounding. And working with the mineral kingdom has a lot of really wonderful aspects to add to that whole notion of grounding. So perhaps maybe you throw out a suggestion of something that you think of for a gem that helps ground. 

Rochana Felde [00:16:17] Green Jasper was a good one for any blocked energy in the lower chakras that are keeping you from grounding, or inconsistent energy flow. 

Kathleen Aspenns [00:16:31] And you use the Alaskan essences. That was my favorite one for the grounding topic too, so good. . 

Rochana Felde [00:16:40] As far as gem essences go, I love the Alaskan. I’ve made a few myself but otherwise I turn to Alaskan essences. The jaspers in general are all grounding the Green Jasper really helps with that Earth connection, don’t you think? 

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