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Rescue Remedy, Dr Bach’s calming essence for stress, emergencies and trauma, is often the first experience with flower essences. In this episode we share everything you need to know about when, why and how to use Rescue Remedy, also known as Five-Flower Formula. You will learn about formulations available for adults, kids and pets, and how to give them. Kathleen and Rochana dive deep into the components of the formula, discussing each individual flower and how it helps with restoring balance after a stressful experience or trauma.



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Greetings, flower lovers. It’s really great to have you back on The Flower Essence podcast today.

Today, we are going to be talking about the entryway essence for a lot of us, Rescue Remedy, and Rescue Remedy is a brand name of what Dr. Bach called Five-Flower Formula. And it is a really useful formula that I think everybody should know about and everybody should have in their purse or in their glove box or in their medicine cabinet. It’s a really important essence. We really wanted to dive into kind of the one-on-one level about Rescue Remedy today and then give you some more details on it because I think it’s a really interesting formula, and there’s a lot to talk about with each individual essence and how it relates to, say, trauma response or a stress response. So let’s dive in, shall we? It’s really good to be back with you, Ro.

Rochana Felde: [00:01:33] Hey, Kathleen, great to be here, as always.

Kathleen Aspenns: [00:01:36] Yeah, it’s going to be fun talking about Rescue Remedy, and I know from your experience that you– both of us, I’m sure, all the time recommend Rescue Remedy to people or all the different options of Rescue Remedy. Do you want to kind of talk a little bit about some of those possibilities that exist out there in the market?

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